Once you’ve received your offer of a place at a university, we understand that you might still have some nerves. It’s not easy to transition to university life whilst also adapting to a new country. OEE and our partners offer a range of services from help in finding accommodation, help with your visa application, a welcome tour of your new UK city as well as academic support to make this process as easy as possible.

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Some of the vital support pillars we offer are:

  • Airport pickup – there’s nothing worse than arriving in a country only to have to lug all your baggage across the country whilst also trying to negotiate an alien public transport system. Our airport pickup service removes all of this stress. 
  • Accommodation – Many universities offer accommodation to first year students but we understand that some students prefer to make their own arrangements. OEE partners a range of student-specialist estate agents across the UK, catering to a range of budgets, that will make finding a property to your exact specifications hassle free.  
  • Visa Support – although your offer of a place is your passport to a UK education, international students will also be required to go through the bureaucratic rigmarole of obtaining a visa to study in the UK. OEE and its partner organisations can help make that process smooth and simple. 
  • Orientation Course – this will help you navigate the basic aspects of British life: getting a mobile phone; setting up a bank account; gym membership; understanding the currency; emergency numbers; registering for free NHS health service; using public transport and everything else that is necessary to comfortably settle in to your new home.

For more information about our orientation services, do not hesitate to Contact Us.