To compete at the top level you must fight off the competition. The competition for places at the very best British universities is extremely fierce. On top of the ordinary UCAS application form elite institutions increasingly require an interview in order to whittle down applicants so that only the very best gain entry. The Oxford and Cambridge interview process is legendary; a many of myths have arisen describing professors asking devilishly tricky questions. In reality, the interviewers won’t be trying to trick you, they’re simply trying to see how you think.


Examples of Oxford interview questions from 2017 include:

  • What is ‘normal’ for humans? (Psychology)
  • Should it be illegal to run a red light in the middle of the night on an empty road? (Law)
  • Imagine we had no records about the past at all, except everything to do with sport – how much of the past could we find out about? (History)
  • Do bankers deserve the pay they receive? Should government limit it? (Economics)
  • Would it matter if tigers became extinct? (Biology)
  • How many molecules are there in a glass of water? (Chemistry)


Further, Oxford, Cambridge, as well as some London institutions such as LSE and Imperial, set specific exams for their courses. These written tests can be done from your home country and must b

e registered for separately to your UCAS application.

For both interviews and special admissions tests, OEE can help you gain an advantage by knowing what sort of questions will be asked so that you’ll feel as comfortable as possible when that big day comes.

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