Unlike at undergraduate level, there is no overarching system for applying to Graduate or PHD programmes in the UK. You must apply to each of your chosen institutions directly. There is also no limit to the number of different universities you can apply to. This in some ways can be helpful, as it is easier to stand out.

However, given the nature of study postgraduate level study, each application is not only subject specific, but must be tailored to each individual institution. For example, why is it exactly that you want to study International Relations at Oxford, what is it about their programme that attracts you?

In this respect it is really important to thoroughly research your programme before applying. This is especially paramount for PHD students. OEE can help guide you through this during the consultation process. We boast huge network of alumni from elite institutions all across the UK who can run you through the benefits of each institution.

Interviews are rare for applicants at postgraduate level which means that a top quality personal statement is vital. Many institutions not only want to know about your proposal for a thesis but also how the programme fits into your life and future career plans. To make sure your personal statement gives you the best possible chance of success, OEE has the team in place to help.

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